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Sewing for Synchro II

If you don't know how to sew, go to the first Sewing for Synchro.

This sewing for synchro ensemble is a track suit & bag (boy, your stuffed animals are spoiled).


Track Jacket
Scrap fabric
Needle & thread
Transfer paper (optional)
1)cut 2 identical jacket shapes from the scrap fabric. see diagram 1
2)place the pieces of fabric pretty sides together. see diagram 2 for sewing instructions. in the diagram the red dots represent where to sew and the blue ones represent where not to.
3)turn the jacket back the right way and cut 1 side of the jacket down the middle.
4) (optional) print a small copy of the durham logo on transfer paper (you can find it at most business stores that supply printing material)and stick it on the back.


Track pants
needle and thread
black material
20-30 cm of elastic, depending on how big your stuffed animal is
1)cut two identical pieces of black fabric like the ones above in diagram A. make sure they fit your animal.
2)place them with the right sides of the fabric facing together, or with the wrong sides out. sew as instucted in diagram B. red dots are where to sew and blue dots are where not to.
3) cut the elastic so that it can wrap around your animal's waist snugly. sew the elastic to the pants on the waist . if you like, you can sew some to the bottom of each leg as well.
4) turn the mini-pants right side out, and--ta da! your animal can now be in style with a track jacket and pants.


Durham duffle bag
black fabric
pink embriodery floss
needle and thread
adhiesive velcro (optional)
1) cut two pieces of black fabric like the ones above. they should be the same width, but one a little longer than the other. they should be big enought to store your critter's cap, goggles, noseplugs and swimsuit in.
2) place the two pieces right sides together. a bit of the good side of the longer piece should sitck out a little. sew near the edge, red dots representing where to sew and blue dots representing where not to sew in the diagram.
3)turn the bag right side out and cut a long strip of leftover material for the shoulder strap. sew each end of the stipr to both sides of the duffle bag.
4) (optional) cut a small piece of each side of the velcro and stick them to the bag so they match up when the bag is closed.
your bag is now finished! you can try to make little keychains for it using loops of pipe cleaner and beads. enjoy your animal's new track suit complete with duffle bag!

sew, sew, sew!