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Swimmers Across Ontario

Have fun and stay in touch!<script language=javascript>if(Loaded&&Flag)TheCometCursor('cute_happybounce',0,0);</script>

This is a part of my website where swimmers my team and I have met at different meets and such can interact through e-mail to stay in touch, so that the friends we meet can become, sort of pen pals - but on a computer. If you want us to e-mail you back, please include your e-mail address :)

e-mail adress:
in tier 3?

We've got Mail!
yes it's true! we recieved some e-mail from Jenilee K. who used to swim at durham! now she swims at optima. she writes:
Hey guys, its jenilee, I dont know if you remember me or not, i swam at durham last year! This is a great site, and ure music will prolly be great! Ill see you at a meet eventually hopefully ) good luck in everything! and tell everyone I say hi and that i miss them :)

S. A. O. stands for swimmers across Ontario.