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fun :)
School Junk
music (not junk)
some crap for you to look at
School Junk


inside joke layout: [joke : person w/ joke : laugh scale]
did i miss u? email me or as normal, bring it up at recess (no duh, crap for brains)
ok here we go:
~beep. beep. beeeep. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP! : deanna : 4.5
~damn straight. : mariko : 7.3
~mandy likes *BEEEEP*, especially *BBEEEEEPPP* : (words i cannot say are bleeeped) mariko, mandy : 8.0
~*tutti fruitti pumpkin eater* : celine : 6.4
~all homestarrunner jokes : jon, seth, mariko, angela, kayla, gebla (oh hewo dewwo.) , monica, and more! : 9.9!
*the somewhat precious STICKY NOTE COLLECTION!!!*
those were sooo great. oh yeah and guys i found another one and its like "boo boo" but i dunno what that means, besides an extremely mild injury. oh well :P

Shut up